Grade 9 – Ontario Secondary School Credits

Grade 9 courses are integrated into the session work so that students can earn full credits in their Grade 9 year but remain a part of the community of the whole class. Some courses such as Geography and English Language are integrated into the work of several sessions. Other subjects such as Math are given throughout the academic year, and some such as Drama are given in one intense session. The flexibility to provide courses in several different ways ensures that courses are designed to optimize the student experience.

In addition to the compulsory courses, the e2 program will offer Drama and Business as formal elective courses. All students can and do participate in other arts, practical life and community service activities as a regular part of the program.

Students will have the opportunity to complete all the necessary Grade 9 Ontario Secondary School Credits in their third year in the program although some students may complete some of the Grade 9 courses in their second year depending on their ability and interest.