The academic subjects

Grade 9 courses are prescribed by the Ministry of Education except for two electives, which at The Element are offered as Drama and Business. Math, English and French are given throughout the year. Drama is an intense five week session which culminates in a performance. The other subjects are taught by semester or in a variety of session lengths in response to creating optimum interdisciplinary opportunities.

Beyond grade 9, French, English and Math continue to be year long courses for continuity and retention. Compulsory courses in the humanities and sciences are offered each year in semesters or more compressed units. Elective humanities and sciences are provided in a cycle rather than every course being offered every year. They are offered often enough for students to take the courses that they elect. The English language courses coordinate with the humanities and sciences.

Specific academic skills such as note taking, studying, test taking, research, academic writing, and oral and multi-media presentation are taught directly as an integral part of the courses. The close communication, possible within a smaller school, allows these skills to develop throughout the high school experience.