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e2 Science – Climate Change and Cosmic Studies

This week in Science, the Grade 10’s learned about the history of man-made climate change with a particular focus on Canada’s involvement as it compares to other countries around the globe. Furthermore, they were able to take in the Canada Goose Arctic Exhibit at the Museum of Nature to better understand the very real impact […]


French as a Second Language – Indigenous Culture

For the first session of French at The Element High School, we are discussing indigenous culture. The students started this particular unit by reading and discussing a legend, and chose a topic to research and present at the end of the session.  The students also took a look at cultural symbols after learning how to analyze […]


Media Arts – Exploring the World of Radio and Photography

Grade 10 students got the pleasure of working with local photographer Andrew Szeto, Head of Multimedia/Photography for the Canadian Coast Guard. The class discussed the concept of “shooting the story” and even had a chance to participate in a photo shoot/editing session. Here’s the result of our workshop: Next we took a tour of the recording […]


Geography and Mapping

As part of our unit on Mapping, students put together giant tiled maps of Canada this week and used them to practice finding locations using longitude and latitude. They also used the map scale to measure the distance between different locations. Next, students will be using Google Maps to create their own maps of capital […]


September – The Month That Was

Dear Parents, It seems that our students and teachers are settling in to another school year and there is a positive energy flowing though our building.  It has been a pleasure to watch our staff so eagerly and collaboratively planning their lessons.  I find myself wishing I could sit in on them all. As our […]


Media Arts – Exploring Chinese Artist Ai Wei Wei

This week, students learned about the fascinating work of contemporary Chinese artist, Ai Wei Wei. They then had the opportunity to select a media artist of their choice and create a dynamic, multi-media presentation on the artist’s body of work. They also delved further into the world of “aura” creation. Each student got a chance […]


Ottawa Food Bank Community Harvest

Last Friday, students helped out at Black’s Family Farm, on behalf  of the Ottawa Food Bank. e1 students harvested potatoes and chatted with the farmers Jeremy and Jason about the importance of volunteer work with the Ottawa Food Bank.  By the end of the morning we had harvested around 1,000 lb of potatoes! The Element […]


Media Arts – Exploring Stop Motion Animation

Last week, the grade 10 Media Arts class took a closer look at the magic of stop motion animation. After viewing a few examples, the students had the opportunity to create their very own stop motion video. Overall, the students submitted some very impressive work. Below, you will find a photo of a few characters […]


Lesson on Canadian Military History

Last week, e2 students got a unique lesson on Canadian military history. We were loaned a box of First World War artifacts from the Canadian War Museum, and students were able to interact with and interpret them as part of their study of life in the trenches in World War I. Here are some photos […]


The 2017 Odyssey Trip

Each e1 school year begins with a guided ‘odyssey’ trip, a trip that takes the e1 community away from the school and out onto the land for nine days. On the ‘Northern Lights’ odyssey trip, students leave on the first day of school, and travel by bus, train and canoe to the Native Cree community […]