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e2 – English

The e2 students participated in an essay writing workshop. They had a chance to learn about the importance of proper paragraph structure, implementing conciseness and crafting strong transition sentences. The students then got into a peer-review session with the aim of providing their peers with constructive criticism on their latest essay assignments.


Gaming Club – Nintendo 64

The gaming club had the opportunity to play a Nintendo 64 (many for the first time) an integral part of gaming history. Students battled it out in the original Super Smash Bros. (1999)!


e1 Science Fair

Students ran a mini Science Fair where they got to show off some of their excellent projects and eat some popcorn!


Carnaval at OMS Montessori

As part of “La semaine de francophonie” at OMS Montessori, Element students headed over to OMS to help run Carnaval. In teams of 2-3, e1 students ran a variety of fun winter-themed stations, ranging from Biathlon to Curling to Patinage d’Artistique!


AWOL – Rock Climbing

The last AWOL adventures was at Coyote Rock Gym where students learned how to properly use a harness, how to fasten a rope to their harness and how to properly belay for another climber. Many of them also enjoyed attempting a few “bouldering” exercises, where they climbed trickier and shorter sections!


e1 – Drama

During the e1 students’ Drama session, students get to participate in a weekly Art class. This Art class, students practiced doodling, or better known in the art world as “zentangles”. It is obvious we have a very artistic and talented group of students!


Canal Club!

Canal Club has lucked out with great conditions these past few weeks and students are loving it! Here’s to more good weather in the future.


e2 – Physical Education

Grade 9 students recently got the opportunity to participate in a nutrition workshop put on by representatives from Pure Kitchen Ottawa. The class got to sample some tasty, protein-filled, meat alternative products and learned about the ways our diets affect our mind and body. Students selected pizza as a favourite lunch-time meal that we then […]


e2 – Computer Science

As part of the Computer Science course, students learned about computer hardware. They practiced taking apart and re-assembling computers with all of the internal components!


AWOL – The Canadian War Museum

On our weekly AWOL excursion, the Grade 10 students visited the Military History Research Centre at the Canadian War Museum. Students worked on an independent project about Canada and the Second World War, and were able to request and use archival sources to gain a better understanding of their topic!