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The Element’s Grand Opening

The Element’s Grand Opening was a huge success with around 175-200 people who stopped by! Many parents let us know that it was an emotional day for them – and we couldn’t agree more. After years of looking for the perfect campus, it is so wonderful to see the pride our students have in their […]


Community Meetings at The Element

                                          Every Friday students begin their day with a community meeting. This is a time for students to celebrate what went well during the week, give thank yous, and discuss issues that may have arisen. This […]


The Element visits Quebec City

The Element students enjoyed an authentic French experience in Quebec City. During their end of year trip, students participated in a French walking tour and visited the Musée du Fort and La Citadelle de Québec. Students also ordered food and purchased souvenirs ‘en français.’ As always, our students were wonderful ambassadors of our school- one […]


CBC Climatologist Visits The Element

As part of our studies on weather systems and climate change, climatologist Teri Loretto, from the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, visited our school to share her experiences on and off the camera. She demonstrated how she reads satellite and radar images, talked about how weather and climate influence culture, shared her personal career journey, and engaged […]


Model UN General Assembly

Students recently participated in a model United Nations (UN) General Assembly. As a part of this project, students, in small groups, were asked to choose a country to represent at a model UN General Assembly debate. Students needed to decide on a challenge that their country was facing and research the causes and history of […]


Simple Machines Unit

            In science, students recently followed the engineering and design process to build and test a machine or gadget of their own creation. The process involved creating detailed orthographic drawings, creating a detailed procedure and materials list, learning the skills to cut and assemble their own materials, building and testing […]


Harvesting for the Ottawa Food Bank

At the end April, students from The Element took the city bus to the Ottawa Food Bank to volunteer in their warehouse for the afternoon. Jason, the Food Bank’s Community Harvest Co-ordinator, showed the students how to cut potatoes into “seeds” that can be planted. Some students sorted potatoes into crates based on their size, while […]


Alumni students visit The Element

Some of our alumni graduates from 2009/2010 stopped by today… and have they ever grown up! These alumni are now second and third year students at Queens University, the University of Manitoba and the University of Ottawa. Robin and Stephen, who met at OMS Montessori​ in elementary school, are now roommates in Kingston!


Our new campus at Lansdowne

Construction by Castonguay Construction and SpaceWerx has begun and we’ll be ready to move to Lansdowne for September 2015. Here’s a sneak peek of our new home: Sketches prepared by:


The Element “Cleans The Capital”

It takes a glass bottle one million years to decompose students learned at OMS Montessori on Earth Day. Students at The Element High School, an extension of OMS Montessori, led an Earth Day assembly at the Alta Vista campus, where they told the younger students that it also takes plastic bottles 450 years, an aluminum […]