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Summer Activities

Summertime – what we wait in anticipation for all year long! The days get longer, people start filling the streets, and festivals seem to be going on every week. Ottawa truly comes alive in the summer, and this list of highlights will help you and your family enjoy the very best Ottawa has to offer! […]


April in Ottawa

With the start of spring finally arriving, and the weather warming, Ottawa is starting to come to life as it always does this time of year. The days get longer, the sun shines brighter, and everyone’s mood is enhanced as the anticipation of hot weather grows shorter. Here are some fun events for you and your […]


High School Education that Inspires, Engages and Develops Potential in Students!

While many middle and high school students struggle to find relevance in a world of textbooks, homework and tests, students at The Element High School find their connection in real life experiences. The Element, located in Lansdowne Park, opened in 2015 and serves students in grades 7 through 12. It is an extension of parent […]


Literary Seminar: Underground to Canada, by Barbara Smucker

“There’s a place the slaves been whisperin’ around called Canada. The law don’t allow no slavery there. They say you follow the North Star, and when you step onto this land you are free…”   E1 students are currently reading the novel Underground to Canada, by Barbara Smucker. Students are given questions to guide their […]


Humanities Studies Examine Both Sides of the Numbered Treaties

Students this week studied the Crown’s westward expansion and the resulting Numbered Treaties. To deepen their understanding, students created a wall of graffiti, featuring quotes and images related to the Numbered Treaties. One side of the wall reflected the perspective of the Crown, while the other side represented the views of the First Nations. Thoughts […]


A Sample Odyssey Update from September, 2016

The Odyssey Trip Update, September 9, 2016 Our e1 community is celebrating an accomplished day, ending the early evening with a swim and dinner over the campfire! This morning was our earliest wake-up, pack-up and go day, as our students and their guides recognized that yesterday’s rain did delay the plan by about two hours. […]


EReport Issue 2

The “newspaper group” is at it again! This extracurricular opportunity at The Element sees students creating a newspaper from scratch: The “newspaper group” is responsible for pitching ideas, interviewing subjects, contributing photography, writing stories and editing stories. Students have officially published their second newspaper. You can read it here: eReport Issue 2 They have submitted […]


50 Years, 50 Days, 50 Ways Enrolment Campaign Launched at OMS Montessori

OMS Montessori is pleased to announce the launch of a 50 day enrolment campaign: 50 Years, 50 Days, 50 Ways. The campaign will serve to celebrate OMS Montessori’s 50 year history in the City of Ottawa, and to demonstrate what makes OMS Montessori Ottawa’s premiere Montessori institution. OMS Montessori began as Ottawa’s first Montessori school, […]


Literature (e1) and English (e2) at The Element

e1 Literature Program The Literature program in e1 allows students to read and consider the deeper meaning behind a variety of texts. Each week, students meet in a seminar to discuss their interpretations of their reading and their answers to assigned reading response questions. Students are also asked to develop their own questions for discussion, […]


Sustainable Development

This session in Humanities our focus is on sustainability. To begin our session Christopher Simmonds, a local architect came in to share his expertise and passion for sustainable development with our students. Chris shared some of his sustainable construction projects with the students which include the MEC store and the Rideau Valley Conservation Centre, among […]