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The Entrepreneurship Program

              The Entrepreneurship Program is underway with six different businesses being developed. Of the six businesses, half of them were established last year and the other half are pursuing new ventures. The established businesses include woodworking, canning and baking while the new businesses are 3D printing, candles and jewelry. […]


Ultimate Frisbee Clinic

              As part of our current ultimate frisbee unit for Physical Education, students participated in a two-part ultimate frisbee clinic run by two University of Ottawa students. One of the leaders, Alyssa, has been playing ultimate for 6 years. She typically plays more of a cutting (receiving) role, as her height […]


Recess at The Element

Recess is fun when your school is located at Lansdowne Park because you can: Skateboard in the terrain park and around the great lawn Hang out on the grass, the benches and the play structure Play basketball Play soccer Play ball hockey Play on the play structure Talk as a group Every day students at […]


Plate tectonics and the rock cycle

Our grade 9 students had to ‘dig deep’ in the Earth Gallery exhibit at the Museum of Nature to complete an engaging scavenger hunt on plate tectonics and the rock cycle. The field trip was planned as a part of the grade 9 Mapping and Physical Geography unit. Students were responsible for finding and recording relevant information in the […]


Pumpkin Run

                            Our Grade 7 and 8 students participated in the Pumpkin Run on Thursday, October 8th. The Pumpkin Run, an Ottawa Independent Schools Athletic Association cross country running meet, is a non-competitive event that supports help and happiness. Students ran between 2.5 […]


New France Museum Exhibits

            In Humanities, e1 students are currently exploring Canadian history from the early explorers to Confederation. As part of this study, students were required to look at what life was like in the French Colony of New France and then in small groups, students presented their findings in the form of a […]


Cooking Program at The Element

Shortly after the students returned from their Odyssey trip, the cooking program at The Element began. The goal of our cooking program is to develop the students’ ability to plan meals and cook using nutritious, delicious, and whole foods. Before students began cooking lunches for the whole class, they participated in a few teacher-led workshops to […]


The Element’s Grand Opening

The Element’s Grand Opening was a huge success with around 175-200 people who stopped by! Many parents let us know that it was an emotional day for them – and we couldn’t agree more. After years of looking for the perfect campus, it is so wonderful to see the pride our students have in their […]


Community Meetings at The Element

                                          Every Friday students begin their day with a community meeting. This is a time for students to celebrate what went well during the week, give thank yous, and discuss issues that may have arisen. This […]


The Element visits Quebec City

The Element students enjoyed an authentic French experience in Quebec City. During their end of year trip, students participated in a French walking tour and visited the Musée du Fort and La Citadelle de Québec. Students also ordered food and purchased souvenirs ‘en français.’ As always, our students were wonderful ambassadors of our school- one […]