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e2 Careers – Post-Secondary Options

Our Careers class has been focusing on post-secondary options for the past few weeks. After researching and comparing several university, college, and apprenticeship programs, students had the opportunity to tour Carleton University and Algonquin College to learn more about the post-secondary experience. Here you can see the students trying out the laser engraver at the […]


e2 Geography – Earth Sciences at Carleton U

Students visited Carleton University’s department of Earth Sciences to learn more about geology. They participated in some hands-on activities that help them understand the different types of rocks and minerals and how they formed, and the impact of plate tectonics on the earth’s continents. They also visited the rock lab, where we used a grinding […]


e2 English – Everything as Text

  Last week we concluded our unit entitled, “Everything as Text”. The students created their own Auras (linked to their “Art as Text” assignment), and they are currently finishing up their analysis on “Objects as Text”.   Next week, we’re commencing our graphic novel study unit which should prove to be quite engaging!  


AWOL (en français!) – The National Art Gallery

Here is a glimpse of our trip to the Art Gallery (AWOL en français!).  After an interactive tour, students analysed an Indigenous piece of art and made a presentation to the class.


e1 Humanities – Canadian History Hall

Last Wednesday, the e1 students toured the Canadian History Hall at the Canadian Museum of History where they learned more about our Age of Explorers session topic.  Students also had the chance to become historians in the New France exhibit section, where they used clues to find out more about the people and way of […]


e2 Science – Debating the Right to Progress

This week, the grade 10’s held a formal debate centred upon the “Right to Progress”.  Considering the impact that previous generations have made on the environment and the planet, all in the name of “progress”, should the current generation, from individuals to developing nations, be encouraged to follow a similar path? The students were encouraged to […]


e2 Science – Climate Change and Cosmic Studies

This week in Science, the Grade 10’s learned about the history of man-made climate change with a particular focus on Canada’s involvement as it compares to other countries around the globe. Furthermore, they were able to take in the Canada Goose Arctic Exhibit at the Museum of Nature to better understand the very real impact […]


French as a Second Language – Indigenous Culture

For the first session of French at The Element High School, we are discussing indigenous culture. The students started this particular unit by reading and discussing a legend, and chose a topic to research and present at the end of the session.  The students also took a look at cultural symbols after learning how to analyze […]


Media Arts – Exploring the World of Radio and Photography

Grade 10 students got the pleasure of working with local photographer Andrew Szeto, Head of Multimedia/Photography for the Canadian Coast Guard. The class discussed the concept of “shooting the story” and even had a chance to participate in a photo shoot/editing session. Here’s the result of our workshop: Next we took a tour of the recording […]


September – The Month That Was

Dear Parents, It seems that our students and teachers are settling in to another school year and there is a positive energy flowing though our building.  It has been a pleasure to watch our staff so eagerly and collaboratively planning their lessons.  I find myself wishing I could sit in on them all. As our […]