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November Newsletter

Interested in what’s happening in The Element these days? Find out in the November Newsletter: The Element, November 2014


School Director Becomes Chair of CCMA Board

Pat Gere, School Director at OMS Montessori, is now Chair of the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA), after sitting on the Board for the past four years. Pat, with CCMA, are in communication with the Ministry of Education, Early Childhood branch, to address Bill 10. CCMA is committed to working with the Ontario Ministry […]


Lunch in the Forest

            Our students recently built a makeshift shelter over several lunch breaks. The shelter was built at a nearby park, where our students spend at least 45 minutes everyday. The park has a variety of different spaces that our students love to explore, including a small forest.


Le Jour Des Franco-Ontarien

Students from The Element proudly accepted the task to raise the Franco-Ontarian flag on Le Jour Des Franco-Ontarien!


Green thumbs

Our garden is growing! Last year we had vegetables growing in 3 raised planters and we have added an additional 3 planters and taken over a large section of space nearby. After adding a layer of topsoil, students planted a number of vegetables that will be ready for harvest in September. Students planted onions, leeks, […]


Jam session

Every Monday since September Element students have been learning guitar with Ben Russell who is a part of the group Bluestone. The class performed in front of the younger students last week to show off their hard work… The Element students started their show with the catchy Bruno Mars hit “The Lazy Song” before moving […]


City Study: Question Period at The House of Commons

What does a city need to function? This is the question students set out to explore in their final Humanities session for this year. To answer this abstract question, students were asked to plan a trip into the city to observe a function of Ottawa. The goal of the session was to explore what we […]


Meet Harvey, The Class Pet

While students did math today, they were watched by an adorable furry friend, Harvey. Harvey is a student’s family dog but becomes The Element’s class pet on Fridays. He is extremely well behaved and is a welcomed addition by all the students and staff! Some universities and colleges have started incorporating dogs into their counseling […]



Grade 9 students at The Element recently completed a project on electricity. Students were responsible for creating an electrical device and then analyzing the voltage, current, resistance and power of the components. The different devices created by the students include: A solar powered iPhone charger, a model house with fan, lights and doorbell and an […]


Lunch at The Element

As the Communications Coordinator, my office is situated beside The Element. This is a wonderful thing for many reasons— I can constantly hear the sounds of energetic adolescents with a contagious energy, I get to see projects I wish I had completed in High School, and I get to use my nose as an alarm […]