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e1 – Humanities

e1 students began their study on responsibility and freedom where they discussed what they felt a right was and what rights they felt they have in Canada. Students then created a Tree of Rights display to highlight some of the important points from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


e2 – Business

In e2, students continued to explore the world of marketing as part of their Business Course. Last week, students concluded the “evolution of marketing” presentations and summarized their understanding of viral marketing techniques. Up next, the students will formulate their own marketing research plans!


Stencilling in Art Club

This week’s Art Club session featured a “stencilized photo” workshop. Students manipulated photos to create some abstract interpretations that will later be featured in our mural design!


e2 – History

After discussing the impact that Second World War rationing and propaganda had on Canadian kitchens, e2 students selected and recreated two recipes from a wartime cookbook. The final selections were a “Baked Macaroni Surprise” and a “1-2-3-4 Cake”!


e2 – English

Grade 10 students are continuing to explore the intersection of art and literature in their Graphic Novel Study Unit. Their latest project entails a reconceptualization of a classic short story in graphic form!


e1 – Archery Workshop

e1 students got to take part in an archery workshop at Carleton University. During this workshop, students got to take aim at a couple of different targets, including various balloons!


Students @ The Glebe Centre

Students visited The Glebe Centre, our neighbouring long-term care facility, where half of the group engaged in a “coffee and tea time” social exchange with a number of the residents while the other half of the group participated in a Jackson Pollock inspired art project. Once finished, the student’s work will be prominently displayed at […]


Art Club!

The Art Club welcomed Drew Mosley (local artist) as he led the group through a discussion on the creative process and helped them create their own tiny birch branch artworks!


AWOL – A Visit to the Butterfly Exhibit

The e2s visited the Butterfly Exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Nature last week! The students had a great time exploring these fascinating specimens up close.


Assessment at The Element High School

The most important goal of assessment is for each student to have a clear understanding of their strengths, their challenges, and how to improve themselves. It is essential that students are provided with a learning environment that constructively assists them in knowing themselves as a learner. As such, assessment is used for learning and as […]