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The Element moves to Lansdowne Park!

The Element, Ottawa’s first Montessori High School, is moving! In September 2013, OMS Montessori opened Ottawa’s first Montessori High School as an extension of their Elementary program. As of September 2015, The Element, which will serve students from Grades 7 to 12, will be located in the redeveloped Lansdowne Park. This location offers a variety of opportunities […]


Impromptu Quote Wall

“Today I will live in the moment, unless it is unpleasant in which case, I will eat a cookie,” read a quote on the impromptu quote wall students at The Element created today. Every Friday morning, at the school’s community meeting, a student reads a quote to the class from a quote book. When students […]


Human Development

Students at The Element have started the Human Development Session in their Humanities class. In this session students learn about human development from conception to adolescents to help the students gain an understanding of who they are and why their bodies are changing as they are. An examination, reflection and discussion on personal values, social responsibility […]


Science at The Element

                        Over the past few months, our investigations in Science have allowed us to examine our local ecosystem, study the properties of fluids, and discover the intricacies of cell structure and human anatomy. Hands-on experiments and personal research have allowed the students to explore […]


3D Cell Model

                While learning about cell biology and human anatomy, students were asked to create a 3D cell model of either a plant or animal. The assignment resulted in 3D models of all shapes and sizes, made with everything from edible materials to technology.


Community Meetings at The Element

Every Friday students begin their day with a community meeting; this is a time for students to celebrate what went well during the week, give Thank Yous, discuss issues that may have arisen and bring ideas to The Element community. It is also a time for students to discuss topics relating to social responsibility such […]


Why are there cans in the freezer?

Teachers at The Element were shocked to see three cans in the school’s freezer. Why were they there? Well, obviously someone thought that’s where they belong. This begs the question: Why don’t cans belong in the freezer? In short, canned foods are sterile so they won’t host bacteria and are therefore safe to be stored […]


FSL Class Brings in Guest Speaker

          As a part of their French as a Second Language (FSL) class, The Element students listened to a French Guest Speaker, Loic Martin, on his experience growing up in Benin. Loic, who teaches ukelele to the Upper Elementary students at OMS Montessori, shared some of the culture and traditions from his birth […]


African Art and Culture

  As a part of our session study on Africa, an artist from Sudan, Hamid Ayoub, was a guest in our classroom periodically over the course of four weeks. Hamid led the students in art workshops on designing masks and acrylic painting. He also led a workshop on drumming. Throughout his authentic lessons to the […]


Students Donate $132 to Canadian Cancer Society

Our students recently donated $132 to the Canadian Cancer Society. The money was raised during their spirit week, which included: moustache Monday, twinsy Tuesday, wacky Wednesday, twilight Thursday, and frightful Friday (which fell on Halloween). Spirit week was initiated and executed by several Grade 8 students who decided it would cost $1 a day to […]