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Mural Project

The Mural Project is moving along! The group engaged in a stencilling workshop and the results were fantastic. By this week, the mural should be complete! Stay tuned.


Getting Involved in The Tulip Festival

Students at The Element HS worked on a tulip painting project related to their Geography course. They were given the task of representing the nation of Guyana in this artistic display that will be placed alongside other such works around the great lawn in Lansdowne Park!


e2 Students Wrote a Children’s Book!

The Grade 10 Civics class has written a children’s book to promote equality and acceptance, and they recently had a chance to share it with students at OMS Montessori through a live reading and colouring activity. The students wrote “Shade Stops Feeling Blue” to promote equality for the LGBTQ2S+ community in a child-friendly way. Thank […]


e2 – AWOL

Grade 10 students visited Abbotsford House last week for a presentation by historian and founder of Lost Ottawa, David McGee. Lost Ottawa is a Facebook community and a book that brings Ottawans together for conversations about the city’s unwritten history. Mr. McGee spoke about various sites and events in local history, from the Grace Hospital, […]


e2 – Civics and Careers

As part of the e2 Careers and Civics course, students began their unit on Government by visiting Parliament Hill for a tour of Centre Block. They learned about the roles of various government institutions, including the House of Commons, the Senate, and the Crown. They also had a great time playing “I Spy” from the […]


e1 – Entrepreneurship

In e1 Entrepreneurship, students were introduced to a Google Innovation Project. Google applies the 70–20–10 percent rule, which means that 70 percent of employee’s time should be spent on core business, 20 percent on projects related to core and 10 percent on projects not related to core business. Using this model, e1 students will choose […]


e1 – Phys. Ed.

Last week, e1 students went to KV Dance Studio for Phys. Ed. Students were taught a Hip Hop Fusion routine and a Musical Theatre routine from Hairspray!


e1 – French

In French class, students are hard at work reading and studying a short novel. The students had the choice of Zorro, Tristan & Iseut or Les Misérables!


AWOL – Bank of Canada Museum

Yesterday, students visited the Bank of Canada Museum for a tour of their E-Money exhibition. They learned about the evolution of e-money and currency in Canada, from the fur trade to cryptocurrency!


e1 – Humanities

e1 students began their study on responsibility and freedom where they discussed what they felt a right was and what rights they felt they have in Canada. Students then created a Tree of Rights display to highlight some of the important points from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.