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The Element’s Grand Opening

The Element’s Grand Opening was a huge success with around 175-200 people who stopped by! Many parents let us know that it was an emotional day for them – and we couldn’t agree more. After years of looking for the perfect campus, it is so wonderful to see the pride our students have in their […]


Community Meetings at The Element

                                          Every Friday students begin their day with a community meeting. This is a time for students to celebrate what went well during the week, give thank yous, and discuss issues that may have arisen. This […]


Our new campus at Lansdowne

Construction by Castonguay Construction and SpaceWerx has begun and we’ll be ready to move to Lansdowne for September 2015. Here’s a sneak peek of our new home: Sketches prepared by:


The Element Moves to Lansdowne

The Element, Ottawa’s first Montessori High School, is moving to Lansdowne for September 2015. This dynamic location was chosen to support The Element’s integrated program which encourages students to be active, participating members of the adult community. At The Element, students grocery shop for their cooking program, run micro-businesses, volunteer in the community and participate […]


Our Furry Friend

                Harvey, our featured furry friend, joins The Element on Fridays. He belongs to one of our students, but has been a regular classroom guest since last year. Students pitched the idea of bringing Harvey to school to Pat Gere, the School Director, who happily agreed to welcome […]


Skating into Spring Break

                                  Students skated into their Spring Break on the Rink of Dreams at City Hall on Friday. The activity was a way of celebrating the completion of the Drama Session, as the students had performed their play the day […]


The Element moves to Lansdowne Park!

The Element, Ottawa’s first Montessori High School, is moving! In September 2013, OMS Montessori opened Ottawa’s first Montessori High School as an extension of their Elementary program. As of September 2015, The Element, which will serve students from Grades 7 to 12, will be located in the redeveloped Lansdowne Park. This location offers a variety of opportunities […]


Impromptu Quote Wall

“Today I will live in the moment, unless it is unpleasant in which case, I will eat a cookie,” read a quote on the impromptu quote wall students at The Element created today. Every Friday morning, at the school’s community meeting, a student reads a quote to the class from a quote book. When students […]


Human Development

Students at The Element have started the Human Development Session in their Humanities class. In this session students learn about human development from conception to adolescents to help the students gain an understanding of who they are and why their bodies are changing as they are. An examination, reflection and discussion on personal values, social responsibility […]


Science at The Element

                        Over the past few months, our investigations in Science have allowed us to examine our local ecosystem, study the properties of fluids, and discover the intricacies of cell structure and human anatomy. Hands-on experiments and personal research have allowed the students to explore […]