OMS Montessori, in operation since 1966, has had a successful Junior High program for grades 7 and 8 since 2003. In 2009, extending this program through high school became a strategic goal and in 2012 this goal was implemented in a high school, The Element.


When we are ‘in our element’ we are focused, engaged, internally motivated, fulfilled and strive to do our best. This is the basis of a Montessori education. The Element High School, a not-for-profit private school, provides conditions that will put youth ‘in their element,’ in school and beyond.

What engages us depends on our stage of development and so there are two programs at The Element High School, e1 for Grades 7 to 8 and e2 for Grades 9 to 12, each responsive to two unique stages of development. Each of these programs takes advantage of the intersection of youth’s developmental characteristics and the requirements of the real world. This creates the conditions for focused engagement that lead to personal excellence.

A Montessori background is not required to attend The Element. However, a passion for life is. If you are interested in experiencing life now and have the determination to work with teachers in an independent and mature way, then this program may be for you.

Our home at Lansdowne

In September 2015 we moved to our new campus in Lansdowne Park. The Element occupies the entire second floor of 425 Marché Way with dedicated entrances for students and visitors. Our building is towards the back of the complex, immediately beside the Horticultural Building and across from the Aberdeen Pavilion, with the plaza that holds the Farmers Market in between.

Working with Lara McKendrick Architecture Inc, we have designed physical spaces to support an innovative high school education that maximizes youth’s intellect, energy, and growth. There are a variety of learning commons rooms – spaces with a variety of seating where lessons can be given to individuals, small groups or a larger class. There are quiet break-out rooms for seminar groups or independent study, as well as a small commercial kitchen for students to prepare lunches for their class, a design studio and a science lab. Technology, reference books and materials are readily available throughout these spaces.

At Lansdowne, we have easy access to the basketball courts/ice skating rink, the skateboard park and open green spaces as well as the local ball diamonds. The Lansdowne area also has an enormous number of community and business resources within walking distance, which will further enrich The Element’s programs. The public library is just across the canal as well as a venue for weekly lunch-time concerts.